Headwaters Academy News

  1. Teachers: Listen to Obama

    Dear Teaching Colleagues, There was a warning in Obama’s farewell address that I hope we all heed – not just for our own good, but for that of our students: “The next wave of economic dislocations won’t come from overseas.  ... Read Full Article
  2. Red Tailed Hawk Forest School – A Visit

    Principal Brown had the chance to tour Red Tail Hawk Forest School today.  He has written the following post to share with us.   I’ve just got in from touring Red Tail Hawk Forest School, operated by Shannon Foley and... Read Full Article
  3. On Success and Failure

    Backstory: I am writing this reflection after finding it difficult to convince my students to help one another learn.  I was left to wonder why they found helping each not only a foreign expectation, but also a threat to their... Read Full Article
  4. The Science of Fun at Kimbercote Farm – February 12th

    Headwaters Academy is pleased to partner with Elephant Thoughts in presenting the Science of Fun at Kimbercote Farm on February 12th. This is a free community event.  Details and RSVP are at the event page below.  ... Read Full Article
  5. Early Application Discount Ends November 30th

    Our website is being updated today as our early application discount ends on November 30th.  This discount is a $500 tuition reduction for any student application received on or before November 30th.  Details and our admissions procedure for early applications... Read Full Article
  6. The Importance of Entrepreneurship in Schools

    My first full time job as a teacher was at the Sterling Hall School of Toronto.  Sterling Hall (SHS) is a highly respected boys’ school that was, in hindsight, on the cutting edge of progressive education.  Our principal, Ian Robinson,... Read Full Article
  7. On Backwards Learning & Pizza Dough

    I am writing this blog post after returning from making pizza dough with fourth grade students.   I am forever struck by the energy, brilliance, and focus that young children can put in to any activity that they find engaging. ... Read Full Article
  8. Headwaters Academy Launches Living Report Card

    Headwaters Academy has launched a sample version of their living report card that the public can view online.   Principal Mark Brown explains that though traditional report cards never excited him he has a great deal of enthusiasm for the... Read Full Article