Headwaters Academy engages students with an exceptional outdoor, environmental and entrepreneurial education using authentic project-based curriculum that focuses on learning to adapt and thrive within their local and global world.

Though no day could be described as ‘typical’ at Headwaters Academy you will find all of the traditional academic disciplines here. Learning here happens through a rich tapestry of experiential, entrepreneurial, and environmentally-inspired learning. Headwater Academy is committed to providing an environment that propels students to learn each day and contribute to their world. The development of the Headwaters Academy Academic Program was influenced by current research into teaching and learning as well as the work of High Tech High in California, Coast Mountain Cademy in British Columbia, and the Green School of Bali.


A Day at Headwaters Academy


Typically, we aim for students to be swept up with inspiration at the beginning of each lesson or project challenge. The authenticity of the challenge, combined with our master teachers’ ability to weave it across the academic disciplines ensures that our students are physically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally engaged.

Students will have ample opportunities to practice those academic skills that require repetition, practice, and hard work. Our teachers use multi-level teaching, individualized instruction, and collaborative problem solving to maintain student engagement.

Our students are fully immersed in learning through experience. This may include field trips, tending our bees, researching, designing and building various appliances, tools and structures.

Our junior students may be engaged in studying the true impact of the wind farms planned and highly opposed in many townships of Grey County by sorting through the rhetoric; reading studies; contacting the Niagara Escarpment Commission, Hydro One, and other experts.

Our oldest students might be engaged in independent study or finding a new niche, service, or product for their entrepreneurial endeavours at the Academy.

In addition to embracing authentic problem solving and experiential learning each day, students also partake in quality daily physical education.

Regardless of the topic of study a Headwaters Academy education is differentiated and individual to the student. Students have inspiration, beyond ‘it’s on the test’, to study and in turn gain the academic knowledge foundational to creatively solving current and future problems from the local to global level.