Just as we can learn with others to paddle a canoe through various currents, learning at Headwaters Academy is about propelling young people forward, together. We are committed to generating a love of learning for all by deliberately moving through these ‘currents’ daily.

The Headwaters Academic program is designed so students will meet or exceed rigorous Ontario provincial academic standards. We build our academic program by examining JK-12 curriculum and students’ future prospects in employment and higher education.  We are committed to building our students’ confidence, competence, and capacity for generating ideas beyond their grade level, at high school or university, and in the community.  Headwaters Academy features multi-age classrooms, as well as innovative inquiry-based and project-based courses of study. The focus on teaching and learning addresses six key curriculum elements, referred to as the Headwaters’ STREAM Curriculum:



Social and Emotional Growth

Our Watermarks Course encompasses character Education; current events, peer teacher training, leadership, health education; service learning; & outdoor education.


Technology & Engineering

Using technology as a tool for inquiry; the ENGAGE Inquiry Model (research process), MS Office; CAD work; robotics; publisher; construction and engineering.


Respecting the Environment


Learning how to be respect the environment and be self-sufficient in a world that needs to be green.



Our students identify opportunities for entrepreneurship, whether economic or social, within our community and act upon bringing solutions for everyone’s benefit.


Arts & Athletics

Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education


Mastery of Core Subjects

We meet or exceed the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.


The multi-age approach to learning at HA focuses on the Kinder Stream (JK/SK), the Primary Stream (Grades 1 & 2), and in our inaugural year the Junior Stream (Grades 3-5) will include grade 6.  In 2018 the school will expand to Grade 7 and the Senior Stream (Grades 6-8) will be initiated.

Students in the each stream will engage in academic program that is aligned with Ontario Ministry of Education and Training standards. As well, the English Language Arts and Mathematics program is also aligned with the province of Alberta and Common Core State Standards in the United States.