Kinder Stream – JK & SK

The Kinder Stream at Headwaters Academy is designed to encourage the creativity and curiousity inherent in Junior and Senior Kindergarten aged students while building the strong academic foundation required for later success.  We have a definite focus on foundational skills in literacy, mathematics, and inquiry and our Kinder students enjoy many of the same experiences as their Primary Stream colleagues. Not only will kinder students engage in a rigorous math program, they will also benefit from older peer teachers helping them work in a tutoring scenario to work at grade level or beyond at their own pace.  Kinder students enjoy daily outdoor exploration and play.  Their imagination is nurtured through drama, visual arts, music, and technology.  They contribute to our local community through hands-on experiences that include, but are not limited to, gardening, small animal care, and helping bees and butterflies thrive in the local community.