A Letter from the Principal

Mark BrownDear Parents, Students, and Community Members,


It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Headwaters Academy.


When I contemplate the future for our children I quickly realize that today’s schooling, while adequate for my generation, may not meet the needs of tomorrow’s leaders. The world our children will inherit will most assuredly have complex problems where simple solutions based on yes/no answers won’t suffice. However, most schools prepare students only to find the ‘correct’ answer and don’t provide problems intriguing or authentic enough for further contemplation and thought. At Headwaters Academy we believe that the strongest education our students can have is one founded in real-world problems requiring the ‘outside of the box’ thinking that is so valued by today’s employers and critical for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. At Headwaters Academy we ensure that that every student has the  best opportunity to meet or exceed the expectations of the Ontario curriculum.


I play an active role in teaching every day so that I can maintain a personal connection with every Headwaters Academy student. Headwaters Academy is very much a learning community with an open door policy to our parents.  I welcome your visit to discuss your child’s learning.


My career as an educator has allowed me the opportunity to see the world’s finest schools and work alongside some of the world’s most inspired (and inspiring) educators while maintaining a strong connection with my Beaver Valley community. During my years working in schools a simple truth has become evident – this generation of children is extraordinarily able, inspired, ready to learn, and can contribute to the broader community – they just need the opportunity to do so. Headwaters Academy will provide that opportunity.


We believe that the landscape of education must adapt to allow children to try new things, do work that matters, fail on occasion, and be drivers in their own education. For this reason we have founded Headwaters Academy. I invite you to visit us and see the difference that a quality education makes.




Mark Brown, Principal,

Headwaters Academy