Thank you for your interest in a career with Headwaters Academy. 

 Headwaters Academy seeks to hire inspirational teachers dedicated to leading at the cutting edge of education and ensuring student success.  Our classrooms are multi-age by design.  Candidates must be comfortable working in a multi-age setting that places students first.  

Interested applicants may send resumes and cover letters to the attention of Principal Mark Brown at  Be sure in your covering letter to highlight your professional growth and how your experience will be an asset to Headwaters Academy’s students.  You should also explain how your vision of education is in alignment with Headwaters Academy’s philosophies and dedication to student excellence. 


Headwaters Academy has established itself as the academic school of choice in the Georgian Triangle.  Our students are, on average, greater than 2 grade levels ahead of their peers.  All of our teachers describe working at Headwaters as their “dream job” because every decision we make is based in what is best for our students and their growth.  Our school has been built, from the ground up, around how students best thrive and learn.
Working at Headwaters Academy is an entirely different teaching experience.  Small class sizes, the one room schoolhouse ideal, and our position on 200 acres with daily cross country skiing or running are key ingredients to ensuring that our students thrive.

Headwaters Academy has the following vacancy:

LTO with Immediate Effect (December 9, 2022 to TBA)

Due to a delayed return from maternity Headwaters is seeking a teacher or teachers with any of the following strengths (singularly or in combination):

  • Music
  • Science
  • Reading, writing
  • Outdoor education

All teachers at Headwaters are:

  • energetic
  • able to teach across a wide-range of grade levels.
  • excited to have an opportunity to develop their skills at this unique school.

The ideal candidate has:

  • demonstrable experience utilizing the real world as a lens for learning.
  • a definite appreciation for constant change and the dynamism of teaching in ways that meet student needs, as opposed to making students learn in ways that meet our needs.

Of note: The school is moving to the south end of Kolapore (Ladybank) for January.  Hours for this position are flexible.

In order to apply for this opportunity send a resume and cover letter to the attention of Principal Mark Brown at info@headwatersacademy.caBe sure that your cover letter demonstrates that you have taken the time to research our Academy via the website, our Instagram, and our Facebook page and have some understanding of our unique philosophy and approach to education.