Thank you for your interest in a career with Headwaters Academy.


 Headwaters Academy seeks to hire inspirational teachers dedicated to leading at the cutting edge of education and ensuring student success.  Our classrooms are multi-age by design.  Candidates must be comfortable working in a multi-age setting that places students first.  Candidates should also be comfortable working beyond and outside the standard classroom on a regular basis and show demonstrated experience and success in this area.  


Interested applicants may send resumes and cover letters to the attention of Dr. Barbara Smith at  Be sure in your covering letter to highlight your professional growth and how your experience will be an asset to Headwaters Academy’s students.  You should also explain how your vision of education is in alignment with Headwaters Academy’s philosophies and dedication to student excellence.


First round interviews for 2016-2017 have begun and hiring will be complete by early January.