Founding Principles and Promises

1. Learning to respect and experience the outdoors can help students contribute to a sustainable future.


Students need to learn and participate in outdoor settings to be more aware and experience first-hand positive action to support, sustain, and enrich the environment.

Headwaters Academy promises to engage students in an exceptional outdoor and environmental education program.


2. Learning is an active experience.


Students need to problem solve by going beyond simplistic demonstration of ‘knowing’ things. Learning involves ‘doing’ as much as it involves ‘knowing about’. A purposeful project-based approach to learning can make significant contributions to student engagement. Learning that supports the development of students as entrepreneurs can contribute to building a more innovative and inventive world.

Students need to learn and participate as problem-solvers, designers and implementers of creative and practical innovations and solutions to feel confident and skilled at making contributions in society.

Headwaters Academy promises to engage students in authentic project-based entrepreneurial education experiences.


3. Learning happens when students can adapt and thrive.


Students need to learn how to become confident, self-sufficient and cooperative learners with the capacity to adapt to change. Students do not thrive in a one-size fits all-model. Schooling is what happens when teaching and learning is pre-scripted and delivered to students. Lasting learning occurs when students can work at their own pace. Education happens when all partners (students, teachers, family, and community members) are engaged in collaboratively designing challenges that solve problems of the local and global kind.

Headwaters Academy promises to engage students in experiences where they can adapt and thrive in their local and global world.


From Principles and Promises to Practice