Meet The Team

  1. Mark Brown, M.Ed.


    Mark Brown is the founding principal of Headwaters Academy.
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  2. Rich Fletcher

    Board Chair

    Rich Fletcher comes to Headwaters Academy with decades of experience teaching mathematics, music, and experiential education.
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  3. John Wilson

    Headwaters Advisory Team - Facilities and Entrepreneurship

    John Wilson, an inventor and sustainable energy innovator, sits on the Headwaters Academy Advisory Team as the lead on facilities and entrepreneurship.
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  4. Emily Walton


    Emily Walton joins the team from the Thames Valley District School Board.
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  5. Shannon Foley

    Headwaters Advisory Team - Outdoor Education and Curriculum

    Shannon Foley is the founder and operator of the locally respected Red-Tailed Hawk Forest School near Collingwood.
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  6. David Booth, Ph.D.

    Headwaters Advisory Team - Academic Growth

    David, a professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and children's author sits on the Headwaters Academy Advisory Team as the leader of Academic Growth.
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