John Wilson

John Wilson is a software development expert and renewable energy innovator who brings 26 years experience in IT management to his role as Vice President, Operations, to Bullfrog Power. John joined Bullfrog in 2005 and led the development of the company’s customer information system, software applications and IT infrastructure. John now manages the company’s application development and IT teams.


Prior to Bullfrog Power, John held several senior technology positions at Fidelity National Information Services Wealth Management Division where he defined and developed a wireless wealth management solution, and implemented one of the first wireless product offerings in Canada.


A trailblazer in low-carbon living, John, with his wife Leigh, designed and built their award-winning, sustainable Wilson Natural home in 2001. John has also produced two documentary films, Solar Village and Hope for a Change: Renewable Energy, about the German experience of transitioning to a green energy economy. John is currently developing autonomous solar power for consumer electronics such as laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones.


John sits on Headwaters Academy’s Advisory Team as our lead adviser on facilities and entrepreneurship.