About Headwaters Academy

Headwaters Academy engages students with an exceptional outdoor, environmental and entrepreneurial education using authentic project-based curriculum that focuses on learning to adapt and thrive within their local and global world.

Headwaters Academy is located on 160 acres of forest, streams, ponds, and fields at the tip of the Georgian Triangle. This unparalleled natural site provides the perfect setting for our experiential and entrepreneurial school program.

Children learn naturally. That learning is maximized when they see utility in what they’re learning or a passion for what they’re studying.

We spark that passion

Provide that utility

And create the canvas upon which

dreams are fulfilled.

The Headwaters Academy Curriculum

For the child

Headwaters offers a two-day educational platform, consisting of:

Engaging studies that 'hook' the learner.
A small school environment where the child is seen, heard, and understood.
Academic achievement and a feeling of belonging.
Experimentation, exercise, and the freedom to explore our fields, steams, and forests.

For the parent

You’re never alone when it comes to your child’s educational needs:

Full report demonstrating the curricular alignment for the child.
We offer an open door policy to all parents.
A monthly exposition of student work.
Our promise to find and celebrate your child's strengths and hidden talents.

End result

Our parents notice that their children are:

Entrepreneurial inspired learners with the ability to self-manage, put through into action.
Happy, fit, polite, and aware of others.
Confidently able navigate their community.

Fees & Registration

For information on our fees and program please click the link below to receive our information package.

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