Capital Upgrades to Begin at Headwaters Academy

Headwaters Academy will begin capital improvements to its school building at the Elephant Thoughts Experiential Education Centre in early July.  Capital upgrades will be under the supervision of Principal Mark Brown and Headwaters Advisory Team member John Wilson, a leading software development expert and renewable energy innovator who is currently the Vice President of Operations at Bullfrog Power.  Brown commented that “John brings a vast amount of expertise to his role on our Advisory Team.  The Wilson Natural Home near Orangeville is a living testament to John and his family’s vision.  Fittingly, we have found through local research that our new school site was earliest adopters of passive solar heating in Ontario and I am looking forward to working with John to restore the green beauty of the school building.”


The building and surrounding 110 acres of grounds will be revamped and designed to promote Headwaters Academy’s educational philosophies, founding principles, and promises.


Interior photos taken this past winter of the current state of the building are attached below.

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Individuals and contractors interested in being part of the upgrade process can contact principal Mark Brown at the school email address or call Catherine Smart at 70-606-0985.