Cooper Pitches to Hawk’s Nest

Last evening Cooper pitched his ‘Coop’s Coops’ business to the SEDC’s Hawk’s Nest Dragon’s Den inspired business event.  Cooper appeared alongside six adults as one of the seven finalists chosen to pitch.  Cooper’s primary business is selling turn-key chicken coops to the GTA market as recent by-law changes have allowed backyard chicken coops.

Cooper, as a true testament to the character of Headwaters students, asked for funding so that “more children can enjoy school like I do”.  Three Hawks supported Cooper’s cause, including John Fowler of the Supreme Cannabis Company, Sandy Gott of Ice River Springs, Tony Selecki of Caframo, and Joel Koops of MSW Plastics (who ordered a coop for himself).

Cooper is spending the next few days writing thank you letters to his supporters, finding the lucky recipient of the scholarship funds donated by the Hawks, and getting Joel Koops coop ready to deliver.  He is also working on the coop destined for Beaver Valley Community School (donated by all Headwaters Academy students and supporters) in September. Email us if you wish to connect with Cooper for your own coop.