Early Testimonials


Headwaters Academy has enjoyed its first two full weeks of learning.  Here is a sample of what our parents and supporters are already saying:


“I want to thank you so much for the opportunity for [our daughter]. She has a skip in her step after school and I believe she will thrive at Headwaters. What you are doing should be the standard, not the exception. Thank you for making our girl so happy to go to school!” – Proud Founding Parent

[My husband] and I are both aware that we are lucky enough to be part of something truly rare and extraordinary. We wish all children could have this experience. There are so many layers of what we want to say that we can’t even go into them now. It’s too much but it is all good, more than good. Wonderful and essential.

The one thing we can both articulate now is that we have total faith and gratitude in and for your choices. From the building blocks of the situation to your choice of staff and scholarship students. We unconditionally support you and approve of your choices.” – A Proud Founding Family

“It was very clear to me that there was a huge amount of TLC invested
in this school, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to contribute.
After listening to you speak on Friday, it made me think how my life would
be so different if I had been educated in the way you plan to teach these
amazing kids. I wish you and Barb, and your team, much success and many
exciting years ahead of you.” – A Fantastic Donor