Headwaters Academy Launches Living Report Card

Headwaters Academy has launched a sample version of their living report card that the public can view online.


Principal Mark Brown explains that though traditional report cards never excited him he has a great deal of enthusiasm for the Living Report Card: “This report, accessible by parents and students at all times and updated once a week, reflects Headwaters Academy’s belief that all students can succeed.  It also removes arbitrary barriers to excellence in an area while also allowing for a student who is having trouble mastering a particular concept.  It is not hard to imagine a student working at a Grade 7 level in, for instance, numeracy while perhaps being at a Grade 4 level in a particular area of grammar and a Grade 5 level in music.  This student might very well actually be of a Grade 3 age.  We know that students do not develop their skills based on arbitrary grade levels so we have done away with them while also showing parents, at all times, where their child is working at in terms of grade level as they work to meet or exceed all of the expectations of the Ontario curriculum”.


The report card also aligns nicely with the recent work of Carol Dweck on the ‘value of yet’ and students’ belief that they can improve, also commonly described as a growth mindset.


The school will also produce more traditional report cards once per term that will be included in official student records.


The sample report card can be viewed online by clicking here.