Sustainable School Finance


Sustainable School Finance – A Post by Principal Brown


How money is spent in schools is an important topic.  I might be far more animated when speaking of student achievement, innovative education programs, forward thinking assessment, and student-led entrepreneurship.  However, the way a school approaches its financial stewardship is absolutely key to its sustainability.  Thus, schools and school finance are forever linked.


Headwaters Academy will open on September 5th, 2017 as an Ontario non-profit corporation.  We spend only on items that are critical to our mission and student success.  You will not find non-instructional staff on our payroll.  All of our employees work directly with children; there are no administrators found here.


We have sought and been blessed with significant volunteer contributions – please see our ever-growing ‘In Appreciation‘ page.  Elephant Thoughts have proven to be and remain a valuable partner to us as they share in our vision of progressive education.


We do not have mortgage debt or any other interest bearing debt threatening us.  Our enrollment targets for Year 2, if met, will ensure that tuition levels remain stable and possibly even decline.  Our scholarships, kindly donated to the school, are for three years as we recognize that being dependent upon an annual renewal is a threat to students’ ability to remain at our school.


In short, Headwaters Academy wants to teach, by example, that independent schooling need not be extravagant or fraught with financial risk.  We want to contribute to this community for the long haul.