The Pan American Continental Championships

“Everything Mr. Brown does is to the highest standard. While I’m happy that our team qualified for the World Championships, I’m not at all surprised. Mr. B creates an environment for the kids where excellence isn’t just expected, it’s virtually assured.” – Catherine S.


We’re missing Mr. Brown as he’s in Brazil at the moment coaching Robin Horsfield at the Pan American Continental Championships.  Robin joined Mr. Brown’s mountain bike club when he was 10 years old at Somersfield Academy, Bermuda.  Two years later he joined the newly launched robotics team which Mr. Brown coached.

Having an athlete from Bermuda, a tiny British Overseas Territory, is a story in an of itself.  Robin has also appeared at 3 World Cup events, taken a podium at the Carribean Championships, and finished the season last year ranked 2nd in the province of Ontario.  He is among the world’s most elite riders.

Beyond this success he will finish up his engineering degree at the University of Guelph next year.  When he and Mr. Brown met he was in a remedial math program.


It’s a known and obvious fact that teachers have the number 1 impact on a child’s success in school and their future.  Why not put your child with a teacher that truly makes the difference?


Mr. Brown will speak about Robin’s journey on May 23rd at the Flesherton Library.