The Things I Do Not Know


I am, in the modern meaning of the word, highly educated.  I am among the slightly less than 1 in 10 Canadians who hold a Masters Degree.  I’ve spent twenty years in schools as a student.


However, in all of those years of school I can recall only a few things learned that are truly important and useful in my life.  Recent statistics show a growing disengagement of students with their schooling.  Thus, we can assume that they are not finding school relevant to their lives.


A Small List of Important Things I Don’t Know or Did Not Learn in School


  • How to build a house.
  • How to fix an appliance.
  • How an engine works.
  • The species of trees and plants in my backyard.
  • How to run a business.
  • How to manage my finances.
  • How to engage people in change work.
  • How to grow a garden.
  • How to look after small animals.
  • A deep understanding of electricity.
  • How to live in a sustainable manner.
  • How to find, meet, and predict the coming needs of my community.


This list is small and just a modest example of the things that school didn’t teach me.  However, I believe that each of the items listed are integral to a true education because each is integral to student independence.  In other words – learning about these items will allow our children to grow up to be truly ‘free’.


Please join us as we build a school of relevance at Headwaters Academy.