Trailblazer Thursdays at Headwaters Academy

Headwaters Academy’s website has had, from its inception, a main landing page with the quote “learning cannot be constrained by four walls”.  We know, from experience, that children engaging with the world beyond our school boundaries will lead to higher level learning.  This isn’t a matter of simply building an outdoor classroom or moving a class outside instead of inside.  Our program ensures that children engage with the local community, thrive in authentic problem solving environments, and ‘do’ just as often as they merely ‘learn about’.


Thursdays at Headwaters Academy are called Trailblazer Thursdays.  Every Thursday is reserved for work that must, inherently, take place beyond the walls of our classroom.  This could include environmental investigations (preparing a base study of the ecosystems, geology, and plants of Kimbercote Farm will be one of our first projects), entrepreneurial endeavours, working with local artists and musicians, or checking out the latest technology being utilized in the Georgian Triangle (Beaver Valley’s recent installation of new snow making machines comes to mind).


Our list of local business, farmers, individuals, and groups who want to work with our students grows, literally, by the day.  At Headwaters Academy we do not merely pay lip service to moving beyond the classroom – instead, we utilize the strengths of our community to make learning an active experience.


See our Distinct Academic Programs page to learn about Trailblazer Thursdays and other innovative programs at Headwaters Academy.